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Right Change: Texans Vote Against Washington Politics

Ted Cruz, a Tea-Party favorite, won the Republican primary for one of Texas’ U.S. Senate seats on Tuesday night by a wide margin. He defeated a long-time member of the Republican establishment, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, for the vacated seat of retiring senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

The victory is another example of how the tea-party is making waves in the elections of 2012.

Dewhurst has been backed by most of the GOP establishment in the Lone Star state, including Governor Rick Perry. Cruz’s 57% to 43% win puts him in an overwhelmingly strong position when he faces Democratic challenger Paul Sadler in the fall. Polls back in May showed Cruz trailing Dewhurst by 17 points, but numbers taken at the end of last week showed the tables had turned and Cruz held a 49-44 lead.

The race had been closely watched as Washington insiders wanted to see just how much influence the grassroots conservative activists would have this year. Texas has long been a staunch Republican state and not always open to “outsiders.” The voters have spoken and many in the tea-party movement are lauding Tuesday’s win as only the beginning of what is to come.

Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said the rumors of her party dying out were greatly over exaggerated. “The false narrative continues to be written that the tea party is dead, and 2012 will not be like 2010,” said Kremer. “However, every month we see a strong example to the contrary. Tonight we sent a message that should shake Obama’s Chicago headquarters: Texas not only is going to be staying a red state, but the tea party is alive and ready to own 2012.” editor Erick Erickson echoed the importance of Tuesday’s victory and expressed confidence that Cruz will win the senatorial seat in November. However, he warned Cruz about what is to come once the rookie gets to Washington.

“Should Ted Cruz win the general election, and the odds are in his favor, he will join Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, and Ron Johnson as yet another Senator who owed his nomination more to Jim DeMint than the Republican leaders in Congress. Already, as the sun rises this morning, there is a great game of co-opting happening. Republican leaders and conservative establishmentarians are already whispering that Ted is a “reasonable” and “smart” conservative. “He won’t be like Jim DeMint.”

Ted Cruz established himself by being like (South Carolina Senator) Jim DeMint. He better remember that as the great fellating of his ego by Washington insiders begins. The Republicans in Washington aim to co-opt him, to pacify him, and to make him an ally in preservation of the status quo. They will use conservative editorialists, fundraisers, and others to do the dirty work. They will try to surround him with staff that can “tame” him and “show him the ropes.” They will push conservative think tankers on him who know the game and where their real allegiance is. They will try to undermine him while building him up.

Washington insiders always try to bring outsiders to the inside. Jim DeMint remains a hero to the anti-establishment crowd because that crowd knows he won’t be bought off. Ted Cruz will, we can all hope and expect, be a Texas version of Jim DeMint, and not just another “go along to get along Republican” on the way past $16 trillion in debt.

Cruz, if he can survive the “good-ole-boy” brainwashing, is set to ride a wave of public outcry over the business as usual in Washington politics. He was endorsed by ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, radio talk show host Glen Beck, U.S. Senators DeMint and Kentucky's Rand Paul, as well as former GOP presidential hopeful and Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

At a morning campaign stop in Houston, Cruz said he heard from voters statewide interested in changing what they view as insider-politics in Washington. "That's the way the democratic process is supposed to work,” said Cruz. “It's not supposed to be a bunch of guys in a smoky room in Austin picking the next senator.”

Let’s hope he can make it to Washington, put an end to partisan politics and truly make a difference. Heaven knows they need some help up there.

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