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RIghtChange: Paul Ryan vs. Obama, Who’s The Adult?

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's Schedule: 8 town halls to address the fiscal crisis.  Obama's Schedule: Easter Egg Roll, Oprah Taping, 3 DNC Fundraisers, Auburn University BCS Champ Ceremony, Space Launch, and a commencement speech.  Which schedule is representative of an adult who wants to have a serious conversation?

Ryan responded to people at full-capacity venues about a variety of hard-hitting issues including: Taxes, the Federal Reserve, Defense, Social Security, and Oil production.  Many of the crowds had protestors from groups like and unions peppered throughout the audience to misrepresent his budget.  Despite the distraction, Ryan took every question seriously, and responded patiently with substantive answers.

Yes, Obama held town halls last week, but he only held three.  Two of which, were followed by fundraisers at the DNC.   There was no serious dialouge between him and the attendees, he practically spoke from a rhetoric script, answered softball questions, then left to go play 18.

Medicare as detailed in Ryan’s plan, has been misrepresented by Obama, and Democrats who say it ends Medicare as we know it.  Ryan opened the town halls meetings with a PowerPoint presentation outlining his plan to save Medicare instead of leaving it to go down the government path of bankruptcy.

The President’s proposal addresses current Seniors, and fails to address future Seniors.  For Current Seniors, Obama’s plan sets up a rationing board consisting of 15 President appointed government bureaucrats who decide how they are going to run your healthcare.  The plan does this at the expense of Seniors because it will impose almost $10,000 in cuts per Senior.  For future Seniors, Obama’s plan is absent, leaving Medicare bankrupt in 2020.

The truth is, Ryan’s plan does end Medicare as we know it.  Everyone accepts the truth that Medicare is going bankrupt, or else we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.  In his partisan deficit speech, even President Obama agreed with that notion:

“Up until now, the cuts proposed by a lot of folks in Washington have focused almost exclusively on that 12%.  But cuts to that 12% alone won’t solve the problem.  So any serious plan to tackle our deficit will require us to put everything on the table, and take on excess spending wherever it exists in the budget.”

So Let’s get this straight.  The notion that Medicare needs to be reformed is an opinion held by a bipartisan majority in Washington and across the country.  Therefore; we need to end Medicare as we know it because Medicare has failed us.

Paul Ryan’s plan allows existing Seniors to keep their plan.  It puts future Seniors on a system that members of Congress are currently on (you don’t see them eating kitty litter on the streets.)  It also implements a means testing system that eliminates or reduces benefits for the top income earners.  This supports low-income Seniors and the sick.  It also guarantees future Seniors a Medicare plan.

Paul Ryan’s plan is the only plan certified by the CBO that makes the right change that pays off our debt.  If you reject Paul Ryan’s budget, then your only alternative is Obama’s.  To borrow Obama and the Democrat’s scare tactic, you can either eat beans and franks for a little while, or eat kitty litter forever.

Paul Ryan is spending his time answering questions from his employers about the fiscal crisis.   Obama is spending his time answering questions from Oprah.  Who looks like the “adult” having the “serious” conversation?  You decide.

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